Friday, August 23, 2013

Moon Mountain Vineyard 2007 Estate Malbec, Sonoma Valley

This wine is from trusty Moon Mountain Vineyard. Now that the property has been sold to Repris Wine, bottles from this Sonoma Valley vineyard will be scarce indeed. A check of the Repris website says that wines are made in miniscule lots and are available only to their members.
Lucky for us we picked this up more than a year ago. We recently cracked it open.
Sonoma Valley isn’t the first region one thinks of when thirsting for Malbec. This wine, however, proved to be enjoyment from start to finish.
The wine is a deep purple and it boasts a full body. The aroma is fragrant and fruity. MMM (Moon Mountain Malbec!) is made with organic grapes, but I’ve not yet been able to taste a difference between organic and non-organic. It does show a nice commitment to sustainable winemaking.
Earthiness was prominent with deep notes of red fruit. Our tasting team was impressed with the finish and dubbed it “flat out smooth.” The bottle is nearing the end of its prime tasting window, so if you have a bottle, dust it off and drink it.
After the bottle was empty we had a surprise – sediment gone wild in the bottom. A nice souvenir from a unique vineyard.
Rating: 2.5 of 5  Value: 3 of 5 (paid $15)
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