Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pentamere Winery: Michigan Winery Visit

TWAV winery report by Tasting Team member Dr. J.
My wife and I were overdue for an evening out without the kids.  With news of another new winery and even a brewery opening, we decided to take a trip to Tecumseh, MI.  We found out we were a few weeks early but Pentamere Winery was in our sights.
We picked the right time because we were the only ones in the tasting room and had a nice one on one with our host Nathan.  One of the first highlights from the list is the Morningstar.  This is made from the Bianca grape; one I had never had or even heard of.  Bianca is a hybrid grape that is winter hardy and highly resistant to fungal diseases.  This is an interesting, flavorful white that is crisp and tangy with stone fruit notes and a mineral finish.
Our next favorite was the 2005 Le Griffon.  This is a Bordeaux style blend of Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, and Merlot.  Medium in body with cherry, oak, and pepper, there are plenty of tannins that will give this wine quite a bit of shelf life yet.
We finished with a couple treats; a mulled red wine and an ice wine.  The mulled wine, Fireside, is a Cabernet Franc that is just that; perfect for a fireside.  I envision drinking this next to a fireplace on Christmas Eve.  As much as I love dry wines, I certainly appreciate ice wine.  The 2010 Vidal Eiswein is rich in honey and apricot.  The flavor is just luscious!
It was a very enjoyable experience to walk through the list from nearly top to bottom and discuss the different grapes involved, their source, and the style used to make the wine.  I was even given some advice on deterring some pests from my own vines.  Stop in for an affordable tasting and a very friendly staff!

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