Friday, September 26, 2014

Zazzol Wine Aerator: A Review

The Zazzol is a wine aerator that aims to improve upon a clever idea. Our testing during a recent grand tasting event was very positive, causing us to remark, “Za-Za-Zazzol!”
There are basically two types of wine aerators. The first is the in-bottle kind which fit snugly into the top of the bottle (like the Soiree) and wine swirls through it on its way to your glass. The second type is a separate unit though which you pour the wine, like Vinturi. There are stands for Vinturi, but most commonly you hold the aerator and pour the wine through it into your glass.
It’s generally accepted that aerators improve the flavor of wine. At least that is my experience from tasting aerated wine side by side with the same wine that didn’t get the treatment.
I’ve used Vinturi for a number of years and have been pleased. I was a bit skeptical when I was asked to review Zazzol. I was pleasantly surprised, though. The Zazzol has a multi-stage design. The wine first hits an umbrella shaped disc that disperses the wine (and looks cool). The wine then pours through a perforated “drizzle plate” that turns the vino into little droplets. Your wine then swirls through a narrow cylindrical opening.
When the wine fills the glass, there is no question it is aerated. It is bubbly with a purple froth (no need to aerate white wine).
I don’t always use the aerator. When time allows, it’s much more civilized to use the decanter. However, when you’re having a glass in the evening, the aerator is the ticket for making a $15 bottle taste like $30 or reviving life into wine that has sat for a day or two.
During our recent Cabernet Grand Tasting, we used the Zazzol on six great bottles of Cab and it performed very well. Zazzol has more style than my beloved Vinturi and also is less messy. The Vinturi sometimes can back up, causing spillage.
Zazzol costs about $40. This is a fine wine accessory and a great gift idea. It has now become my aerator of choice.
Full disclosure: This was received as a marketing sample.

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