Friday, September 12, 2014

Sensi Mantello 2009 Sangiovese- Shiraz, Tuscany

This unique wine was sampled during a visit to the home of tasting team members Jazz Man and Wine Chick. It’s a rebellious wine for those who are seeking adventure.
During our tasting we enjoyed a rosé from Pays d’Oc in France, a red wine from Moldova, a great Malbec from Argentina – but everyone was looking forward to this vino. Sensi is one of the largest producers in the region and has had a rich, successful presence in the Tuscan Hills for 120 years.
This Mantello Sangiovese-Shiraz is an IGT wine and the makers have the same freedom to break the rules as producers of Super Tuscan wines. IGT wines can mix traditional Italian grapes like Sangiovese and Nebiollo with Cabernet or Shiraz creating crazy good blends.
Mantello is a highly rated wine that is ageworthy. It’s earned accolades as one of the top wines in Italy.
The aroma is barnyard and forest floor – and I mean that in a good way. It’s loaded with character and isn’t just a meek, “here’s a tad of cherry flavor” wine. Don’t be lead by “shiraz” on the label – there is no trace of Australian sweetness in the glass. This is the brambly, Syrah version of the grape.
It’s layered and sophisticated with the flavors dialed into the earthy sector. Plum, cherry and some pepper swirl about. This wine will go great with beef, venison and perhaps an autumn firepit on the patio.
Green Dragon hemmed and hawed about the aroma. Meanwhile I sat back with Jazz Man and enjoyed the latest conspiracies on Ancient Aliens while the wine opened up in the glass. The wine became rich and expansive.
Mantello is recommended by me for those adventurers who enjoy rich and hearty wines that are off the beaten path.

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