Friday, September 4, 2015

Don Olegario 2012 Albariño, Rias Baixas

Wait! Don’t shelve the chilled white wines just yet. Summer still lingers on. Here’s a Spanish grape you may not know – but soon will love.

Prized Grape Of Spain and Portugal

Albariño is a white grape variety grown almost exclusively in Spain and in Portugal (where it is called Alvariñho).Wines made with Albariño are highly regarded by wine critics. It is a late ripening grape that grows in moderately cool to warm climates.
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Rias Baixas Produces Classic White Wines

Rias Baixas is located in the Galicia region of Northwest Spain. Galacia has five DO (Denominacion de Origen) zones. The one most frequently found on US shelves is Rias Baixas, which is known for producing clean, crisp and cool white wines.
The best Rias Baixas wine is 100% Albariño, and that is the case with the Don Olegario 2014.

Don Olegario Nails Versatility and Refreshment

We are fans of crisp white wines, as opposed to wines that rely on heavy oaking which mask the craft of the winemaker. The Don Olegario is fermented in stainless steel. It has a fine and precise edge to it while remaining light and elegant.
This is a medium bodied wine. The bouquet to me was a bit closed, but that may have been because of my stuffy nose. On the palate there is citrus and minerality and a clean finish.
Sweltering weather has settled over us in Ohio the past week, with smothering humidity and high temperatures. A wine like this Albariño is ideal to overcome the heat. With its pure and strong flavors, it is a versatile match for seafood (an ideal pairing) as well as spicy dishes and soft cheese.
If you are an ABC drinker (Anything But Chardonnay), consider this bottle of Albariño as your letter “A.” At an SRP of $19.99, the price is refreshing too.
Full Disclosure: We received this wine as a marketing sample.
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