Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mackinaw Trail Winery And Michigan By The Bottle Team Up For “Crowdsourced” Riesling

Crowdsourcing helps get things done by harnessing the power of large groups of people, especially online communities. It’s benefitted wide ranging fields such as publishing, scientific research and venture capital funding. Now our friends in Michigan are using it to make a new wine.

Project Is A First For Michigan

Mackinaw Trail Winery and are teaming up for a “crowdsourced” wine project that will give consumers a direct role in the winemaking process — a first for Michigan.
Using web-based surveying tools, the public will determine various characteristics of Mackinaw Trail’s new Synergy Riesling over a six- to nine-month period. 
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You Can Pick Stylistic Nuances of Synergy Riesling

“We wanted to bring the consumers into an active role in our winemaking process, as our customers’ feedback has always been very important to us,” said Dustin Stabile, Mackinaw Trail Winery’s winemaker. “We anticipate the voting to begin in late August, running from harvest to bottle. We want consumers to be part of every major decision.” 
Consumers will weigh in via multiple choice questions, voting on whether the grapes will be hand-picked or machine-picked, destemmed or whole cluster pressed, etc. Participants’ choices will influence nearly every aspect of the final outcome, including the sweetness level, stylistic nuances, price point and more. There also will be a contest to select artwork for the wine’s label. 


Consumers Get A Behind The Scenes Peak At “Their” Wine

Throughout the project, consumers can learn more about the winemaking process, get behind-the-scenes glimpses of the wine in various stages of production and discuss the various options on Mackinaw Trail’s and MBTB’s Facebook pages. Stabile anticipates Synergy Riesling being available for purchase in late winter or early spring of 2016.
Mackinaw Trail Winery sits on 30 acres of rolling hills in Petoskey, Michigan. As one of the fastest growing wineries in the state, Mackinaw Trail has tasting rooms in Mackinaw City, Petoskey and Manistique. Their wines range from Pinot Gris and Gerwurztraminer to berry and ice wines.
“We wanted to team up with a group that shares as much passion as we do about Michigan wines.” -- Dustin Stabile, Mackinaw Trail winemaker.
“Michigan By The Bottle was established for the purpose of uniting Michigan wine lovers online and encouraging them to talk about Michigan wine,” said Cortney Casey, the website’s co-founder. “We loved the idea of working with Mackinaw Trail to not only get wine lovers talking, but also actually involve them in all stages of the winemaking process.” Updates on the Synergy Riesling Project will be available at and
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