Thursday, December 3, 2015

Colchester Ridge Estate Winery 2013 Posh Cuvée, VQA Ontario

Ontario excels in crisp white wines. This wine from the Lake Erie North Shore region mixes and matches four varieties.

Turkey, Board Games and Vino

During our recent Thanksgiving visit to West Virginia we enjoyed a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixin’s. In the evening it was time for a clash with a board game.
The particular game we played involves making words, like Scrabble, but you can create new words by placing letters on top of each other. So we did.
As the letters stacked up, the wine in our bottle went down. This led to more and more creative words!
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A Posh Mash-Up Of White Grapes

We picked up this bottle during a day trip to Lake Erie North Shore in Ontario. For the first time we paid a visit to Colchester Ridge Estate Winery (or CREW). During our visit the sun was beating down. This Posh Cuvée was an impressive refresher and so we brought it home across the border.
Posh is a blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, Vidal and Gerwürztraminer. No percentages are given, so you might assume that they are listed in descending order of use. I’m not sure about that, though. This wine has a lovely smooth body of a Riesling with a hint of floral from Gerwürztraminer and I suspect they have more of a presence than Chardonnay. Vidal is a popular favorite for ice wine production and fits in well here.
I had brought this on our trip to go with the turkey, but we ending up drinking it by itself instead. This is “posh” enough to please just about any wine drinker. There is a bit of sweetness for those who shun dry wines, but it isn’t overpowering. There is a full palate of tropical fruit and elegant floral notes.
Three cheers – or should we say four? – for Colchester Ridge’s Posh Cuvée!

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