Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hanna 2014 Bismark Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, Moon Mountain District

Hanna 2014 Bismark Cabernet Sauvignon Moon MountainAs big as a battleship, this delicious mountain Cabernet Sauvignon comes from one of our favorite AVAs.

Under The Spotlight

During our last visit to Sonoma, we had an exceptional visit to Hanna Winery. The spotlight event was a wine pairing lunch hosted by Christine Hanna that featured Hanna wines with some succulent dishes. For us, the spotlight shone brightest on the 2014 Bismark Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from the Moon Mountain District.

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Years ago we enjoyed wines from the Moon Mountain Vineyard. They were exceptional. When they closed, we lost our lifeline to wines from this exceptional area in the Mayacamas Mountains that lie between Napa Valley and Sonoma.

In 2013 the Moon Mountain District was established as an AVA. Although one of our favorite wineries was gone, wines created from that special terroir are still available. Hanna makes an impressive line of Moon Mountain AVA wines from their Bismark Mountain Vineyard, which is located in rugged terrain in the Mayacamas Mountains. The vineyard, located on the Sonoma side of Mt. Veeder, is so remote, there are no roads.

Vietnamese Shaking Beef

A Legendary Wine

We tasted and were blown away by the 2014 Bismark Cabernet Sauvignon. Last week we had a chance to open another bottle as we shared a virtual dinner with good friends Glorious T and The Cabernetor, who were with us on our trip to Hanna’s Alexander Valley tasting room.

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The Bismark Cabernet is as big as the legendary German battleship. With that in mind, we decanted the bottle for an hour.

The wine is dark ruby in color -- almost inky. We noticed some sediment in the decanter as we poured our first glass. Supple and elegant, the wine ripples with power. Sturdy tannins provide the underpinning for earthy and red fruit flavors. Baking spice, plums, and mountain brambles add interest to this mountain-style Cab. The body is full-plus and the intensity and finish are also big.

Hanna Bismark Cabernet With Shaking BeefOver The Moon

To accompany our Bismark Cab, the Green Dragon prepared Vietnamese Shaking Beef (you may know it as Bò lúc lắc). This is a dish of grilled beef tenderloin cubes mixed with peppers, onions and savory sauces served on a bed of lettuce. It gets its name from the the shaking of the pan as you grill the cubes of meat. The Bismark paired with this dish was enough to trigger euphoria.

This is a wine to buy in multiples. Get several bottles. Enjoy one now and let the others mellow and evolve. The 2014 vintage of the Bismark Cabernet Sauvignon was limited to 500 cases. The current vintage is 2016 and it retails for $70.

We were “over the moon” with this powerful yet elegant wine. Explore the moon with your own bottle.

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